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O U R   S T O R Y

Since being established over a decade ago, Officially STATIC has been a pillar in the community. Through numerous avenues we have built relationships all over the world, from Japan to Europe and Hawaii to Maryland. We offer various services such as Graphics, DJs, Athletic Training, Youth Sports Teams, and Youth Mentoring. That may seem like a lot for one company to handle, but with God leading our footsteps we continue to strive for move in his favor!

Officially, means formally, often with the backing of some kind of authority, which reflects the highest authority that leads and backs our company. STATIC, stands for Saved Through All Things In Christ, and through every service we provide it is through the almighty that we are able to successfully fulfill each service. Faith is key in business and in a lifetime of happiness. For those of us who are believers, it is important that we witness to non-believers what God has done and continues to do for us. God’s favor, or grace, is God giving us the ability to do something which is thought to be humanly impossible for us to do. As our company continues to work in his favor, we will push that favor and blessings into our community...


One Company... One Community.. Reach One... Teach One!

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